Outcomes and Outputs

A skilled labour force which corresponds with industry demand is essential for economic growth. The TVET sector plays a fundamental role in realising this prerequisite. The purpose of this project has been to support China with successful implementation of the modern apprentice-ships framework through strengthening and empowering its leaders and practitioners, resulting in enhanced employer engagement and an in-creased number of employable learners with job-ready skills.

This entrepreneurial model has initially focused on Guangdong Province, building support from local and regional stakeholders, with an aim to widen impact to national level in the long term (post project). It is the intention of the partnership and funding organisations to create a platform from which to secure long-term partnership between UK – China in the field of TVET.



  1. Increased understanding and knowledge of what makes successful apprenticeships model - Implementation partners as well as key stakeholders in China have gained in depth knowledge and understanding of the UK Apprenticeship model and its areas of best practice through participation in inward and outward missions. 97% of participants involved in the Apprenticeship training programme, a part of project activity, reported a greater understanding and knowledge of the UK model.
  2. Improved employer engagement by TVET institutions – Shunde Polytechnic has developed new relationships with employers as a result of project activity. Engagement with industry leaders including Hyatt, Ritz Carton, Sheraton and Hilton hotel groups has been secured, utilising new assessment and delivery methods based on best practice from the UK model. 91% of participants involved in the Apprenticeship training programme, a part of project activity, reported gaining new knowledge and understanding on employer engagement.
  3. Internationalisation of TVET curriculum for China - Shunde Polytechnic has updated their Apprenticeship curriculum and supporting delivery plan based on recommendations by UK experts and their own learning from project participation. These updates include the use of an IT Mobile App (www.paceapp.uk) and a curriculum greater aligned to UK standard (curriculum mapping undertaken, and selected units adapted). New modules have been piloted with two groups of students (30 in each). Initial feedback by the students, tutors and employers involved has been very positive.
  4. Enhanced capacity and capability of teachers in TVET sector - Apprenticeship Training for TVET Teachers was delivered by 4 UK experts at Shunde Polytechnic in December 2016. This 3 day intensive training programme saw over 100 teachers attending from 45 different higher vocational colleges in the Guangdong Province. The event was supported by Guangdong Education Department and organised in partnership with Shunde Polytechnic Feedback following the training programme was positive with the majority of participants (89%) intending to use the knowledge and skills gained from the training for their own work on Apprenticeships and industry engagement. In March 2017 a dissemination conference was held in Guangzhou for TVET leaders and practitioners. The event was attended by approximately 100 participants including those responsible for the implementation of Apprenticeships in Guangdong. The event was well received and it is the opinion of the consortium the evnt both increased impact and enhanced capacity and capability of teachers and other sector stakeholders.


  1. Apprenticeships framework developed ready to implement – During the lifetime of this pilot project a report with recommendations for the implementation of the pilot apprenticeship model was produced complete with specified units, time bound deliverables and delivery methodology. Activity was concluded with an evaluation report summarising activity and outcomes and evaluating recommendations. This information recorded in report format will be a valuable resource for sustainable activity and increasing scope.
  2. Curriculum developed to meet industry needs with embedded Entrepreneurship and Global Employability Skills – Shunde Polytechnic have adapted their curriculum and delivery plan to better answer the needs of industry better preparing students for the workplace. Adaptations have been made based on project outcomes.
  3. Training programme for teachers and leaders delivered – As detailed above training has been delivered to over 100 teachers and leaders as part of project activity. By means of maximising impact participants of this training have been tasked with the role of cascading key concepts to a peer, doubling reach.